Shoe Dog

Shoe Dog, A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE (Phil Knight)

Do you wonder how NIKE started, what were the steps of successful? Phil Knight tells the memoir of NIKE in Shoe Dog.

Philip Hampson Knight was born in 1938 in the USA. He graduated from the University of Oregon and Stanford Graduate School of Business. At the University of Oregon, he ran track with coach Bill Bowerman.

Shoe Dog

When Phil was 24, he went to Japan after the second world war and ordered a few shoes to think about if he could sell them in the USA. In Japan, he dealt with a factory that produces Tiger shoes. He started to sell shoes in his car and doubles sales every year. After a few years from the beginning of the sales, he set up a company, Blue Ribbon had will be Nike after a while.

Shoe Dog

Blue Ribbon was growing every year without cash in the bank account. Phil used most of the money to order more. The banks rejected him to give loan but he did not give up.

After millions of sales, the time to own a factory came. NIKE opened factories in different continents. They have difficult times keeping up the orders because sports equipment was becoming famous all over the world.

Nike Cortez

The approach of NIKE was changing, so they started to produce t-shirts, clothes, not only shoes. This change makes them more known.

They went public and everybody knows them from then.

Phil Knight

Phil tells happenings about his life and the company until 1980 with details. After 1980, he summarizes the whole experience.

This book absolutely includes stories every entrepreneur must know.

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